Review of Sheri’s new song “Runnin’ Out” by Shawn Howard FM 107.9

“I’d like to share with you my full review of Sheri Frushay’s new song, Runnin Out. I was especially honored to get to put a preview of it out last night on the show.

Visual and Tactile –

Some people are said to be born with the ability to “see” music’s colors and shapes. Then, there are those with the gift of being able to make any listener see and feel the music they play,. A few songwriters can craft a song that takes you on a visual and tactile journey with their words, Then, there are those with voices that have such rich and deep texture that they seem to cut through the skin and plant the music in the heart of the listener. “Runnin Out”, written and performed by Sheri Frushay is a song that shines a big bright spotlight on those rare and elusive qualities that are sought after by most, but found by very few. Sheri’s almost mystical voice sings of a tale of desperation, while her poignant rhythm guitar lays down the groove in an arrangement which was co-produced by Sheri and Matt Hubbard. Matt Hubbard also accompanies Sheri Frushay on multiple instruments on this stunning studio production. Matt’s accompaniments help paint the three dimensional drama that unfolds in the course of three minutes and fifteen seconds. An eerie blues harp, rock solid bass guitar, subtle Hammond organ and some shaken percussion, shaken at just the right time is all the extras the song needed, nothing more and nothing less. The song was mastered by Jerry Tubb. In this day of overproducing and pushing compression to the limit like a contest to see who can take all the dynamics out of music, Jerry Tubb did just the opposite. He left all the dynamics in, and polished this song like a master jeweler would a fine diamond. Chills, hair standing on end and feelings of breathlessness may occur while listening to Sheri Frushay’s new single, “Runnin Out”. Don’t worry though. It’s all good. It’s all real good. One of the best songs I’ve Felt in a long time. – Shawn Howard, Host Songwriters Across Texas Radio FM 107.9

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  1. I really loved this new song. It is one that touches you and is generally a good hug of warmth for the listener.

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