Born and bred in Austin, Sheri grew up on the road with her father-country hit maker from the 60’s Ray Frushay. Her own songs have the same simple honesty that makes you want to cry, or laugh, or just get up and dance. She sings with the Texas soul sound that blew the top off the charts in the 60’s and 70’s and forever changed the way women rocked. Sheri takes a bite out of southern rock and cooks it down with the heart of Texas music and dishes out a spicy, hot butt-shakin’ set that satisfies the soul. From roadhouse to roadshow, this is definitely not Sunday brunch music.

After countless nights listening to band on top of band, with one singer replacing another, occasionally a voice cuts through the sameness and just plain wakes you up. With a smokey Rock sound that is undeniably southern-fried, Sheri Frushay’s “take no prisoners” show leaves you wondering if the guys at the weather station spotted a twister on the radar. When this tall Texan straps on her guitar, its time to buckle up for the ride.

– Christy Pipkin

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